An organization is deemed successful only when it has totally satisfied clientele. Nephroscribes has a proven track record in providing cost-effective customized solutions to its clients. Our accomplishments have been in providing convenient dictation system, highly accurate transcription service, seamless transition of process, easy-to-use workflow management system and a variety of ancillary services.

We are truly grateful to all our valued customers who have shown trust in our capabilities and given us the opportunity to serve them. We are pleased to share some of our testimonials to do the talking rather than we blow our own trumpet!

Cherie S.
Director of Clinical Operations
Cardiology practice in Dayton, OH
"Among the things I enjoyed in my business dealings with CardioScribes is the proactive dedication to quality adherence, timely work completion, work-flow tracking made available to us and truly world-class and enthusiastic customer service. Regular updates and feedback from the QA staff from this most professional, vendor that I have ever worked with in my 26 years of medical career only makes me say: I recommend CardioScribes, without reservation, for any healthcare facility looking for a quality transcription company."
Brian B.
IT Director
Cardiology practice in Dayton, OH
Since, state-of-the-art computer systems and proprietary software of CardioScribes provide seamless communications between all parties; let us see what Brian has to say; "Nephroscribes/CardioScribes is one organization that is on top of their game! Their technology is "Worry Free." My support from the IT front has gone from 2 hours per week to zilch! 24/7 assured customer support, and a seamlessly integrated transcription system put in place by a vendor who knows what to do and how to do it - that's what these guys are all about. With CardioScribes, you stay on track - all the way."
Barbara M..
Transcription Coordinator
Cardiology practice in Dayton, OH
"We already had over 15 providers, 4 locations and multiple dictation methods to cater to. It was next to impossible for us to manage this endless workflow. Moreover, we strongly felt the lack of being denied access to a very integral part of file tracking - that of being able to listen to the dictations that were done over the phone by our providers. With CardioScribes, now we not only have 24/7 access to any and all files, but also are guaranteed timely completed files being handed in, every time. No lost files, no more hassles - I sure am very happy with the change over to CardioScribes."