Our goal at Nephroscribes is to be the Number One premier player in the transcription industry.  Nephroscribes clearly stands out from the lot with cutting-edge technology and customer-centric commitments.  With multitude of talent and specially designated departments for quality, customer care, IT, and implementation, we ensure that our clients get total satisfaction and best of the service from Nephroscribes.  The organization hires most skillful people for each of its departments, who work round the clock to deal with challenges that may arise.  To add to our devotion towards customer-centricity, we have a team dedicated for implementation that utilizes its abilities to essentially streamline the transition of every new client.  Their knowledge and experience allows this transition to be virtually seamless and efficient, so that the customer has no “pains of change.”

Thus, we constantly strive to raise the bar and improve our services. We believe such attributes will put us on a high pedestal, surging Nephroscribes to the brim of industry.

  • Save up to 25 – 35% flat on your current annual transcription expenditure.
  • No additional investment or maintenance cost on buying our services.
  • No additional on-site hardware required.
  • Minimal involvement of your staff with the process, which means you can effectively use your resources and focus on improving patient care.
  • Utilize your office space and Cut down on your payrolls.
  • The good news is we hire your transcriptionists.
  • Seamless transition and implementation of process will save you time.