Nephroscribes stands out from the lot with its unique attributes of customer centricity and prompt deliverables. We understand the nature of your business and your distinctive needs; therefore have a perfect set of customized transcription solutions for you. Our easy-to-use products are tailored to suit your office needs. Our dictation system allows you to send out dictations to our server from any of your location offices. The web-based document management module (eTranscribe) that has many special features enables you to securely access your documents on a real-time basis globally on the Internet.

The solutions we provide are at par in the industry where we offer highly accurate transcription services at customized turn around time, comfortable dictation system that can be configured with any external device and interface, extraordinary document management system with special features and many other value-added services, such as faxing, printing, mailing, and detailed tracking reports and billing reports.

Our way of working in tandem with the client ensures mutual commitment and guarantees tangible and measurable results. A team of passionate implementation specialists work hand-in-hand with you to ensure seamless workflow management. Nephroscribes’ systematic yet flexible approach towards problem-solving inspires effective and innovative solutions which often “wows” our clients.

  • End-to-end transcription solution at 25% to 35% lower cost than what you have currently.
  • Quality transcription conforming AHDI principles.
  • Access your reports from any and all of your offices.
  • Rapid turn around time, STATs done in minutes.
  • Work processed under secure parameters to ensure stringent HIPAA compliance.
  • Customized daily tracking reports
  • Aggressive internal timelines for transition and process establishment.
  • Referral letter on PCP’s desk in 24 hours.