Nephroscribes is a “one-stop-shop” for hospitals and group practices that look forward to outsource their transcription work from their office. Our customized solutions provide cost-effective “whole-nine-yards” of transcription service with adaptable dictation system, web-based real-time file-monitoring system as well as EMR data integration.

Our dictation system module of ezVoiceIntelligence is a user-friendly tool that allows your doctors to execute dictations through various digital voice recorders and PC microphone. They may also opt for our Telephone Dictation System. Our system can even connect and make interface with your existing workflow platform.

As we take responsibility for all your “grunt work,” you do away with time-consuming activities such as faxing, printing, and mailing and SAVE on money and resource.

With transition of your transcription services to Nephroscribes, we hire your transcriptionists, making it a three-way “WIN-WIN” situation where YOU save on capital expenses, TRANSCRIPTIONISTS are not rendered jobless and can work from home, and MEDISCRIBES get the opportunity to hire skilled transcriptionists.

  • Quality transcription service
  • HL-7 interfacing
  • Easy-to-use dictation system. We can integrate with your current system.
  • Capitalize on your document management
  • Eliminate extra resources and office space
  • Save on capital expenses and many other benefits.