Nephroscribes implementation “six-stage process” is a carefully designed business process for all healthcare practices. It divides efforts into distinct stages to accomplish specific transcription needs. By doing so, we are also building in best transcription process, voice-of-the-customer needs, open innovation, ideation techniques, and so on.

The following depicts of implementation methodology and approach.
Implementation methodology outlines the six steps of the Nephroscribes implementation approach such as Data Assimilation, Data Evaluation, Designing and approval of Deployment Plan, Transition and Operations Handover. Our client and implementation team begin working with Sales prior to a commitment by the client. We understand the needs and expectations of the client as we prepare and plan for the project. The objective of the implementation methodology is to provide a structure, methodical approach to implementation and quality client delivery that can be used to measure the success of an implementation. A clear, concise, and standard approach will provide consistency, set and meet expectations, and provide for continuous improvement as we learn the nature of your business and implementation process. Our people make the commitment and the difference.