Medical Transcription Services

Neprhroscribes is a world leader in the field of medical transcription services for nephrology, featuring state-of-the-art technology and unmatched quality. Nephroscribes is a customer focused company, known for providing quality and cost-effective solutions including, comprehensive medical transcription services and document management systems. Nephroscribes provides health care industry professionals with the financial advantage; typically this translates into an annual savings of 25-35%. Medical transcription services feature high quality assurance, easy document management, medical dictation solutions, and austere time discipline. Nephroscribes features help provide health care industry professionals the resources to succeeded. Our state of the art computer systems and proprietary software have been designed to streamline administrative and clinical process, providing seamless communications. Nephroscribes state of the art services enable healthcare professionals make prompt, informed decisions to ensure high quality patient care while keeping the health care costs to a minimum.

Jane H
Transcription Coordinator
Nephrology practice in Evansville, IN

Going from an in-house transcriptionist to a service like Mediscribes was a trial and error process. Previously we tried a competitor and were not satisified with the service. Mediscribes was such an improvement we would recommend their service to anyone. They have an application for all types of medical practices.    see more...